Hello, my sacred friend!

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

Journey Jewels is evolving . . . or rather, my sacred work is evolving. I am being called to focus my energy and create space for the next chapter of my life and work to be birthed.

So in the spirit of creating space, I am finding that my journey with Journey Jewels is complete.

It is time for me to close the virtual doors on this boutique and bring closure to my journey as a jewelry artist.

The next chapter includes bringing deeper focus to my work as a crystal shaman by offering more programs and services. I’m so excited to begin sharing more about how to work with crystals through ancient shamanic practices to create a vibrant, joy-filled, and deeply rooted life.

From the deepest place in my heart, I want to thank you!

It has been an incredible honor to connect with you over the past eight years and I hope that you will join me as I move forward into this next chapter.

In fall, the doors will open to Crystal Shaman School where I will be offering new programs, services and classes in the areas of crystals and shamanism. 

I’m so excited to bring my work to its next level by working with men and women who are ready deepen their spiritual mastery through work with crystals and shamanism.

If you’re feeling called, I would LOVE for you to join me.

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Wishing you a joy-filled day!
Shine Brightly!

much love,

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