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Smoky Quartz, Lava Rock, and Pyrite. Button clasp. 7 1/2″ in length.

***Please note that 7 1/2″ is the standard length for this bracelet. It is available at 8″ or longer. If you would like extra length, please leave a note in the comments section. 


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Smoky Quartz invites you to honor where you have been and to create space for where you are going. As you recognize and honor what is complete in your life, the veils that shroud your next, most empowered steps will be lifted. Smoky Quartz will reveal what is complete and strengthen your inner will and courage so that you may face your fears and take a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams!

Lava Rock is fertile soil for new life. Lava is hard and very slow to break down enough for seeds to take hold . . . but when it does, when a little seed takes hold, it will flourish because this rock holds all of the nutrients it needs. Lava rock invites you to look at your dreams and what you desire to create in this way, to recognize that there is a dark period when it may feel like nothing is happening, but this is really your time to nourish your dream, to offer it the nutrients it needs to not only spring to life, but to thrive. (On another note, when worn, lava rock is a wonderful diffuser for essential oils. Simply massage a drop of oil on the rich black lava rock beads and enjoy the scent as you wear your jewels)

Pyrite is a stone of inner strength and power . . . and it knows that you are so much stronger than you think. A stone of passion, power, and purpose, pyrite offers the invitation to activate your inner strength and power by rooting deeply into mother earth and to standing tall with outstretched branches. As you do, you will find your deepest passions are awakened, you’re aligned with your sacred purpose, and a fire of action is ignited within.

Smoky Quartz, Lava Rock, and Pyrite. Button clasp. 7 1/2″ in length.

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